Between the Confetti and the Dance / Moonset Confetti Dance
Music by Mark Dean © 2023, Audio Portrait Music Ascap

Between the Confetti and the Dance was written in 2021.
Moonset Confetti Dance was written in 1981

Instrumentation performed by Mark Dean

Recorded in Studio at Revolving Windows, Penn Hills, PA.

Percussion* & Bass recorded in early 2023. Electric Guitar, Acoustic 6 string, Acoustic 12 string, & Mandocello recorded in the Summer of 2021. Toy Piano recorded in the fall of 2021. Electric Guitar ambient swells recorded in early 2023.

(*) Percussion consisted of single hand claps and a 13” tom with the drum head coated with spray on rubber. The drum was held between the knees while played with one mic at the desk in the control room.