Don’t Miss the Music is the first release by Symphony Triteleia Laxa.  

Written and recorded by Mark Dean between 2012 and 2016 in Studio at AEP in Lincoln Ca. Mark Dean performs: Drums / Bass / Guitars / Keys / Vocals 

Produced, engineered, mixed mastered & designed by Mark Dean 

Genre:               Rock Music

Description:      Don’t Miss the Music is a bash & groove with a bit of soundscape about how alternating perceptions from the same view do not contradict. It celebrates music in the broadest sense. Connection with surroundings in the present.

Quote:               "Mark Dean is an incredibly talented person.  Mark is a virtuoso - and I don't use that word lightly - drummer, bassist and guitarist.  He is also an excellent producer who is capable of audio wizardry; he's got great ears and can easily hear the 'big picture' of any production.  And perhaps most importantly he is a composer, creating original music that is inventive, emotional and intense.  Listen to Mark's exemplary work on No Man is an Island (Mark Dean's Caldera) or my album Transformation as they are both overflowing with his unique musical vision and talent." 

Tim Morse (Progressive rock journalist, recording artist and author)  

Released by:     Revolving Windows