And Back Again

Symphony Triteleia Laxa

And Back Again is the third release by Symphony Triteleia Laxa. Click play to hear the whole song. Click info for liner notes and lyrics.

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Music & Words by Mark Dean © 2016 Audio Portrait Music ASCAP

And Back Again is the third release by Symphony Triteleia Laxa. Recorded at Studio at Amethyst Edge Productions in Lincoln Ca. and in Studio at Revolving Windows in Penn Hills PA. Mark Dean performs: Drums / Bass / Guitars / Mandocello / Toy piano / Vocals. Produced, engineered, mixed mastered & designed by Mark Dean.

Genre: Rock Music

Description: And Back Again is a driving rock song with pumping beats and head tilting melodies. It centers on the idea of a dimensional traveler and his morning sessions with his personal trainer who also happens to be a priestess of a melodic Goddess by union. Spiritual visions through the practice of music.

Quote: “There are many strong points with And Back Again. The melodies and textures immediately grab attention, but are just as interesting after multiple listens. They have character and give this track personality. The production level is also quite high. The instrumental work all sounds fantastic in the mix, and the vocals showcase a unique sound that cuts through.”

Zachary Larson (Radio Airplay)

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